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Asset appraisals have become one of the most effective tools used by
financial institutions, landlords, and business partners before making
important financial decisions. Appraisals are conducted in three
different formats, Forced Liquidation, Going Concern, Or Replacement

The most common form of appraisal used by financial lenders in order 
to determine options.  This form of appraisal is based on Gross 
Selling Price in a distressed situation, and will incorporate selling 
prices with detailed asset listings.  Values are based on fair market 
selling prices, on a per piece basis, using comparable assets sales 
within the last 3 months as a price guideline.

This form of appraisal is often used by a financial institution when 
attempting to determine a fair market value for assets that may be 
sold in place, to be used for the same or similar activities.  It 
takes into consideration certain variables, such as installation and 
setup costs, but does not rely on financial information, i.e. sales, A/
R, etc. The values will be higher than those of forced liquidation, 
but will still reflect age and usage of equipment.


This is the newest and most important aspect of the Small Business 
Loan Financing Program.  In order to qualify for financing on an 
existing establishment, an accredited, bank accepted appraiser must 
conduct a thorough replacement cost appraisal.  This appraisal, 
similar to other formats, will include a detailed asset listing, but 
will also take into consideration both setup costs, and leasehold 
improvements.  The purpose of this appraisal is to validate the amount 
of money previously spent to create the establishment, thus fulfilling 
a financing requirement of the Federal Government of