Please contact us for information on Re-marketing your equipment.  We have full service movers on 24hr stand by.


Benaco Sales Ltd. conducts 30 – 40 major industrial auctions annually.
All auctions are open to the public.  Auctions are held either on the 
premises of the company being sold, or the assets are moved to a more 
suitable location, as pre-determined by the secured creditor.  Most 
sales are done on behalf of banks, lending institutions, landlords, 
and private businesses.  They consist mainly of assets made available 
through some form of distress, including bankruptcy, receivership, 
lease termination, distraint, or default. In many instances, assets 
are moved to our storage and auction warehouse for safekeeping.   
Assets are always sold on an “As Is, Where Is” basis, free and clear 
of any liens and encumbrances.


Over 50% of our Industrial Auctions are conducted from our 18,000 sq. 
foot auction warehouse.  This facility includes a gated and fenced 
18,000 sq. ft. yard, drive in and dock level shipping, full security including 10 
closed circuit cameras, cleaning and testing facilities, and our 
complete modern computerized accounting system which allows 
instantaneous information.  In many cases, assets need to be removed 
from their premises immediately.  Through our extensive network, we 
have the capability to arrange complete company extractions within 
hours of notice, sometimes instantly.  We have a standby crew of 
insured truckers, riggers, electrical, plumbing, and refrigeration 
professionals in order to ensure proper and professional company 
moves, with no exposure or liability to the financial institution or 
it’s agents.  Assets are stored until PPSA Notices expire, with 
minimal storage costs.  We maintain all proper insurance policies, 
including liability, theft, and goods in transit and we maintain an 
umbrella policy from any location within Canada.