The system is a 3 Barrel brewhouse.  That equates to 3.5 Hectoliters.  It has 3 fermenters of the same size, one Bright Beer tank- 3 BBL.  It has the chiller, a cold and hot liquor tank and a keg washer/filler.

The unit is all 208-3 phase power and 120 volt.  It has electric heaters so no steam/boiler is required.  The unit is relatively new with very little use, and is available immediately.

The key selling points are that it is a complete running system that can be used immediately, and no boiler is required.  The capacity with the current tanks would be, depending on the type of beer made, but about 12-15 bbl per month.  If you purchase/acquire more fermenters, the ultimate capacity can be 15+ bbl per week.

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