SOLD!! Complete Turnkey Operation 5,000 sq ft Micro Brewpub For Immediate Sale/ or with Property For Lease

For Immediate Sale  with Property Lease

177 Princess St., Kingston, ON

5,000 square foot complete turn key brew pub!!

Complete 7bbl Brewery Setup, Full Kitchen, Dining, Patio & Bar Furniture, Sound Equipment, Walk In Coolers and More!   


Brew Components Include:

Micet 7BBL 2 Vessel Steam Brewhouse w/ Mash Tun & Kettle, Platform, Fittings Etc.

15BBL Hot Liquor Tank

20BBL Heat Exchanger

3HP Pumps

4x 7BBL Fermenters

2x 7BBL Brite Tanks

2x 5BBL Serving Tanks

Rad 300 Grain Mill w/ Direct Drive Unloader

iCycle Lite 5HP Chiller

Brewhouse Control Panel

Cole-Parmer 256lb Electric Boiler

Squire Plus 2 Keg Washer

All Accessories, Piping Etc.

5Hp Air Compressor